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Getting house-buying advice in Spain means avoiding risks

  • „After the purchase, it turned out that the property’s boundaries hadn’t been correctly indicated“

  • „When we moved in, we noticed problems we hadn’t seen before. But we don’t want to and can’t take legal action in Spain.“

  • „Two months after the notary appointment, we got a letter saying our extension was illegal.“

  • „When we bought the finca, it turned out that the building authority had opened proceedings 13 years ago for building illegally without a permit.“

  • „After buying the house, we were told that the development work had not yet been completed. Now, as owners, we’re expected to pay for that.“

These are just a few examples of stories we hear again and again. They show how important it is to get advice when buying property in Spain. This has less to do with the beautiful country but more about not knowing the language, industry customs and legal regulations. As such, a property abroad can become expensive very quickly.

But don’t allow it get that far. Get trustworthy advice before you buy a property – get a home inspector!

This is why a home inspector is so important.

bühler & partners are the experts you want by your side when buying a house in Spain. We examine the property, check the formalities and assess whether the price is reasonable. If problems arise with building law, we’ll refer you to local lawyers we know.

The procedure is quick, simple and inexpensive. It’s a simple house purchase appraisal that meets professional RICS standards.

But most importantly: as a house inspector in Spain, we represent your interests 100%. This gives you the best possible security when buying a property or plot of land. And usually also a significantly improved purchase price. If you so wish, we can also conduct negotiations on your behalf.

And be under no illusion: we will also advise against buying a property in Spain if the conditions aren’t right. This just shows how important independent house-buying advice is.

Against this background, it’s hard to understand why such house inspector services are still relatively unknown in many places. Expert advice on buying a house has long been commonplace in other countries.

The best house-buying advice on the Costa del Sol with bühler & partners!

We’re certain that this service will pay off for you.

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