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Buying a house in Spain: Better with bühler & partners.

Because anyone can call themselves a “consultant”.

So, you want to buy a property in Spain. You already have your eye on a property. But suddenly questions come up. Didn’t the wall look a bit damp? Are there hidden building defects? Is the paperwork in order? Is the price reasonable? Who will check complicated construction details for me on-site? Getting expert advice, therefore, is important.

Now, when buying a house in Spain, there are many people you can go to for help. However, they each will only do what they’re paid to do and stick to their area of expertise.

  • A lawyer will only take care of formal legal matters
  • An estate agent only wants to sell
  • An architect does new builds, not real estate trading
  • An chartered surveyor costs a fortune, if they actually have any time at all
  • A notary only gives their final blessing

There are many “house purchase advisors” out there. And the term “home inspector” is not protected.

We are the experts in checking real estate.

We’ve worked as architects and chartered surveyors in Spain for over 25 years. We know the building customs and the real estate industry very well. Our membership of various professional associations certifies this.

And we’d love to share this bundle of expertise with you. Because we’ve seen there is a void of independent expert advice when it comes to buying property in Spain.

You need someone on site who looks at everything closely. And in your best interests. Someone who will get their hands dirty if necessary. Is the building’s structure sound? Are the property’s boundaries correct? Are the supply lines where they should be? Are the utilities working? Is the extension legal?

Our house inspector service is an inexpensive and quick property check, perfect for those who want to buy a property or house in Spain. An expert opinion, to professional standards, helps you to avoid the typical pitfalls of buying.

Buying a house in Spain: Better with bühler & partners!

We’re sure that this service will pay off for you.

  • Expert real estate valuation.

    Assessment according to tried-and-tested, professional methods.

  • Fast.

    We’ll immediately make an inspection appointment for you and, within a week, you’ll receive a house purchase report in English.

  • Value for money.

    Our fees are transparent and easy to understand.

  • Is the property worth the money?

    We’ll answer this for you because we represent only your interests. If you wish, we can also negotiate on your behalf.

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