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For more than 25 years, courts and lawyers have relied on court-approved building surveys from bühler & partners. That is how long we have been active as surveyors and building experts in the Iberian Peninsula. Our collective expertise and experience stems from our work as architects.

In construction, many parties and, therefore, conflicts of interest are involved. This means that harmonious cooperation is the exception rather than the rule. If a lawsuit goes to trial, it’s not possible without serious building surveys. Lawyers are familiar with the law, but not with real estate and building prices.

If several parties are responsible for the damage, then responsibility must be apportioned according to percentages. We identify and outline these to help with arbitration.

However, it’s a mistake to believe that a building surveyor is only commissioned by courts or lawyers.

We also carry out official valuations for Spanish properties, for example, for financing and mortgages. These are recognised by the Banco de España.

And we are often contacted by private individuals who simply want to buy a house in Spain. Because with foreign property, it is particularly advisable to get an expert opinion before buying.

Building surveyors: More versatile than you think.

A building expert, also known as a building surveyor, always comes into play when there is a problem to which the solution requires a valuation of a property or components of it.

The cause of this could be a dispute about a building project that has been taken to court – but it does not have to be. Often it is much simpler, such as in the case of a divorce or an inheritance where an estate valuation is needed.

It is therefore assessed and documented. The result is a written expert opinion that serves as the basis for an agreement, clarification or conflict resolution. The work of a building expert, therefore, has an important function.

There are various reasons for a building to be surveyed. Therefore we divide our services into the following:

  • Real estate appraisals
  • Expert reports on construction services rendered
  • Expert reports on the quality of construction and its compliance with applicable regulations
  • Expert opinion on necessary repair work
  • Building expert reports on architectural services

In general, if there’s consensus, expert opinions are more economical. If a difference of opinion results in legal proceedings, assessments become more extensive and cost-intensive. It’s not uncommon for the costs for those involved in the process to significantly exceed the actual amount in dispute.

In construction litigation, we work closely with the lawyers.

To determine a property value, we predominantly use the comparative value method and, in rare cases, the asset value method.

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The best way is with us, the building experts at bühler & partners.

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